Osaka Gas Chemicals/ Jacobi

BS International represents M/s. Osaka Gas Co. Ltd, Japan, 100% owner of M/s. Jacobi Carbons AG having 17 plants and producing 120,000+ MT of activated carbon annually.

We offer activated carbon in powder, granules, and crushed, cylindrical forms with all possible raw materials as required by customers.

Activated Carbon is used in Pharmaceutical, Paracetamol and other API, Water, Air & Gas Purification, Effluent Gas treatment, Food & Beverage, Gold Mining, petrochemicals, personal protection, drinking water and waste water treatments, impregnated carbons for various applications.

1. Activated Carbon

a) Shirsagi ML – 11
b) Shirasagi A
c) Shirasagi TIW50
d) AquaSorb 90
e) AquaSorb 1200
f) ColorSorb 5000

As recently found in food product industry, water from state to state and even nearby locality differ in contents of heavy metals in water and due to uncontrolled use of pesticides as well as dumping of chemicals through effluents.On behalf of M/s. Jacobi AG, global leaders in Activated Carbon’s we offer full solutions to address this challenge and have safe water for use in food industry, marine product processing industry as well as pharma industry.Water can be passed through Activated Carbon for:

  1. High removal of pesticides, NOM and taste/odor compounds.
  2. Protection of Ion Exchange Resins.
  3. Ultra-pure water treatment plants.
  4. Treatment of organic acids

And lastly treatment of water for Human consumption in both municipal and industrial applications,  water from ground, surface and outsource supplies.

2. Ion Exchange Resin –

Ion exchange which removes metals like Copper, Uranium, Lead, Nickel, Zinc, Cadmium, Iron, Manganese, Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium, Barium and Sodium.

Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences / Food division

a) MC Food Specialties Inc. –
b) Kohjin Life Sciences Co. Ltd –

We represent M/s. Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Food division who are well known manufacturers of Taste enhancer namely HVP, Yeast Extract (Aromaway, Aromild, Ajirex, Ajitide ) and Ribotide (I+G) high performance food ingredients/ additives.


Ribotide is a 1:1 50- 50 co-crystalline Premium I + G of disodium 5’-inosinate (IMP) and disodium 5’-guanylate (GMP) exclusively supplied by MCFS. (INS – 635). It works synergistically with glutamate from natural sources and / or monosodium glutamate (MSG) in enhancing Umami taste. In the seasoning model where MSG is added, drastic cost reductions can be expected by partly replacing MSG with a small amount of Ribotide. In the model where natural glutamic acid is present, Ribotide intensifies the flavor of natural glutamic acid and recreates a rich, savory broth taste. Because Ribotide is co-crystallized, it neither separates during handling nor imparts uneven flavors when used in foods.

Ribotide can be used in many other ways:

Flavor Enhancement

  1. In combination with hydrolyzed proteins or yeast extracts as well as with MSG
  2. As a stand-alone flavor enhancer acting in combination with naturally-occurring glutamate
  3. As an attractant in animal feed and to enhance pet food flavor.
  4. As a partial replacement of expensive broth ingredients.

Flavor Rounding

  1. To mask off flavors or unpleasant aftertaste.
  2. To take the edge off sharply acidic or bitter tastes.

Uses of Ribotide

  1. Marinates,
  2. Seasoning for noodle,
  3. Condiment,
  4. Salty snacks,
  5. Soup powder – cubes,
  6. Bullions,
  7. Sauces,
  8. RTE &RTC foods,
  9. Meat,
  10. Poultry
  11. Sea food products.


Premium Yeast Extract from Kohjin Life Sciences Co. Ltd to provide Umami “after taste”. Umami is an extremely important component of the taste experience which determines “deliciousness.” The typical source of umami would be dashi broth derived from Kombu (kelp), katsuo-bushi (dried bonito flakes) in Asian cooking or bouillon in western cuisine.

Aromild product adds long-lasting taste and flavor in various extracts and food materials themselves, and balances savory flavors across a wide range of ingredients.


AROMILD™ is a yeast extract for a wide range of food applications with a high level of Nucleotides naturally. Not added

  • Strong umami with long-lasting taste
  • Synergetic effect with savory taste
    Balancing taste in applications (Masking off note, Rounding e.g. Sour, Astringent, Bitterness, Fishy Note
  • Significant low dosage against normal Baker’s Yeast Extract.
  • Potent at very low dosing

Aromild manufactured by M/s. Kohjin, Japan which is highly pure and concentrated extract from Torula (Yeast)

Unlike many cheap yeast extract manufactured from Baker’s Yeast, Aromild – Torula (Yeast) Concentrated Extract gives clean taste (no yeasty taste) and contains 20% of high nucleotide. Not added

Aromild – Torula (Yeast) Concentrated Extract is used as a taste maker and can be used either individually or in combination with other ingredients like Ribotide (I+G) or Amiflex JY (HVP), from M/s. MC Food Specialties Inc. to enhance the taste profile of seasoning powder.

When mixed, (single or in combination) in seasoning powder or liquid, it enhances Umami taste and the food  will have better savory flavor, mouthfeel and body. The usage of “MSG” can be “Totally eliminated to have natural label”.

Individual or Blend can be used in all kind of seasoning powdered mixture or ready to use foods with gravy.

Aromaway (Richness Booster)

  1. Enhance Richness and complexity of taste
  2. Thanks to yeast cell, boost total base and body in High Oil application

a. Seasoning (Grilled chicken, Gravy, Masala, BBQ) – Enhances Richness
b. Fried Foods (Batter Mix, Samosa) – Enhance Juiciness and Savory notes
c. Processed Meat and Sea Food 0 Enhance Meatiness Profiles
d. Vegetables (Onion, Garlic, Scallion) – Enhance Roasted Aroma

Key Components

Nucleotides Amino Acids – Top Impact Umami
Peptides – Enhance Body
Yeast Cell Wall – Meaty, Juiciness Fatty Mouthfeel
RNA – Provide Strong Body

Enhance Savory Aroma in Seasoning Oil

Ingredients Palm Oil Aromaway Aromaway and Garlic
Palm Oil 100.00 100.00 100.00
Aromaway 0.50 0.50
Ground Garlic 10.00

Add : Aromaway in the above heated Oil in 95 degrees Celcius and mix for 15 minuted

  1. Aromaway boosts cooked and meatiness profiles in oil base.
  2. With Garlic, Aromaway enhances Roasted and Savory notes
  3. Masking oxidized note of such oils and fats as well


Ajirex and Ajirex NH are Yeast Extract to provide Umami “Middle Taste”

This product works with the base and body of taste. By intensifying the taste of various extracts and ingredients themselves, this product reinforces the “base” that supports the tasting experience.


AJIREX™ contains a perfectly balanced mix of amino acids, peptides, and nucleotides, and intensifies the flavor of ingredients, offering possible application in a wide range of uses.

  • Enriches middle taste
  • Intensifies tastes of other ingredients
  • Provides saltiness
Product Name Ajirex Ajirex-NH
Concept Middle Body Test Modulator
Key Words Peptide
5’-IG 13%-Add
– Middle
UMAMI & body
– Enhance saltiness-30% salt reduction
Peptide 18.7%
RNA 28%
Dietary Fiber 23% Improve mouth feel
– Fattiness
– Creaminess
– Sweetness
– Suitable for dairy
– Masking metallic note of KCL
– Keep the original taste Profile

All the above  (Aromild and Ajirex, Ajirex NH) are approved by FSSAI as “Ingredients – Yeast Extract”,  taste maker and can be used either individually or in combination to enhance taste profile of seasoning. They are available in powder form.

Products – Cosmetic and Pharma Raw Materials

A leading trading co in Germany – specialty chemicals for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Products – De-dusting oils for dyes and pigments

Products – Copper Sulphate used for Mining Industry.